For the doubters

Here’s a photo I couldn’t have downloaded:


Some might say that Dunnet Head or Duncansby Head are further north or north east but I’m not sure they have a post in the ground and I’m not planning to cycle to them to find out!

In some ways making the journey from LE to JOG in fourteen days is a simpler task than using public transport to get back to London in two.

JOG is 35km from the nearest train station.  Just one train leaves that station on a Sunday.  It is formed of two coaches and there are no free spaces to reserve for a cycle today. Oh dear


2 thoughts on “For the doubters

  1. Ted Wojewodka

    Well done, Great Achievement. Temptations to give in overcome, weather, tiredness and pain ignored but the discovery of the lives of others, appreciation the world around you and its beauty and the challege kept you going to a successful end.
    We are very proud of you,
    Mum and Dad

  2. Serena Stephen

    Well done!! I am very very proud of you. More importantly I am impressed and you know how difficult it is to achieve that, considering that I mostly just give you a hard time :o). I will pin Leigh down and we will take you for some fab dinner and some Negronis. Get back safe you superstar.

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