Day nine


This is a photo of the Glasgow School of Art designed by Rennie Macintosh. The fire has been big news on the Scottish version of the news I’ve been watching. As I walked past, the fire brigade and police were still there as well as an army of people carrying out the contents in crates.

On the way out of Glasgow I found myself by accident on the motorway.  Thankfully after a short trip over the river there was a chance to exit but that was enough time for quite a few kind hearted white van drivers to wind down their windows and explain where they thought I might have gone wrong. Noisier but on balance safer than some A roads.

After three big days on the bike I wanted to have an easier day.  I haven’t suffered any muscle ache since Cornwall (the protein shakes with BCAAs I found in Bristol probably helped) but my knees are hurting.  It all started when I raised the height of my saddle which had a number of implications that cyclists will be familiar with: cleats needed to be adjusted, the saddle needed to be tilted and the additional leaning forwards was causing pain in the lower back and hands. So I stopped at Arrochar, now just 5km ahead of schedule.

The scenery in Scotland is stunning and for the first time since Cornwall I’ve been able to smell the sea. I’m not sure how good it is for swimming in, there is a lot of MOD infrastructure around and this park of tens of caravans:



1 thought on “Day nine

  1. teresaborsuk

    Your blogs are coming through thick and fast. So impressed that you are nearly there.
    Ps hadrian’s wall is a few hundred miles south in Northumbria – geography again.
    We are cuRrently in Etosha National Park in Namibia surrounded by all sorts of animals – 5 lions strewn across the track on the way in. Have bought a camcorder so can bore everyone to bits.
    Yes a real shame about the Glasgow School of Art – it was a masterpiece and I feel for alll those student whose work was burnt.
    PPS I’d stay off those pies!
    Lots of love from us. XX

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